About US

Organizational Structure

  • Marlon Edwards President
  • Clinton Bolah Vice-President
  • Tracey Thomas Secretary
  • Jean Alexander Treasurer
  • Michele Nandlal Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Timeline & History

  • Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada on September 7th, 2004.
  • First meeting of Patriot and Friends OF Grenada, Sunday September 12th, 2004; at Roti Shop in Tampa
  • In consideration of the urgent needs, "THE PARTY" was the first of many events was scheduled for the following weekend.  Although, there was not enough time to get the word out, the party turned out to be a huge success.  The overwhelming concern for the citizens of Grenada was evident in the continued outpouring of food, clothing, medical supplies and equipment, which we were able to dispatch to Miami via three 27ft trucks, for shipment into Grenada. 
  • Supplies were received from many Grenadians and supporters all over the USA; some came from as far away as Las Vegas. A package containing those items and including IV antibiotics, blood-pressure cuffs, stethoscopes and OTC drugs, was presented to the Director of Hospital Services, Mr. Stephen Thomas, in November, 2004.
  • October 2, 2004 - While Tampa was bracing for a hit by hurricane Jean, loyal friends and well wishers braved the warnings to attend a fund- raising event in Brandon. We had a memorable hurricane party at Govan.
  • November 7th 2004, turned out to be a beautiful day for a beach party – and that is where we spent the day…members contributed food, drinks and their expertise on the barbecue grill, the only thing missing was some Oildown.  Thanks to DJ Spice and Jr. Spice, the music was jamming’ and we had a wonderful time with lots of good friends.
    At a subsequent meeting it was unanimously decided that this should become an annual event.
  • December, as always, was a busy month but the group was unrelenting and in consideration of the request, from Grenada, for basic school supplies, we were able to hold a successful ‘School Supply Drive’, the proceeds of which were presented to three Primary schools in Grenada. The St. George’s Anglican Senior School was one of the recipients and because most of the members of the group are alumni of this school, a contribution of $1500.00 USD has been made toward repairing the damaged building.
  • First Independence Celebration was in 2005 and was successful. Financial contributions were sent to the Grenada Consulate to distribute as deemed necessary. The St. Georges Anglican School, (adopted by the group). and school suppies sent to th St. Georges Methodist and South School.
  • In 2008 computers and printer was purchased for the St. Georges Anglican Sr. School. Donation made to Mt.Moritz church to assist with building repairs.
  • 2009 - St Andrews R.C. School and a community daycare in the GranBras area were receipents of educational supplies . The R.C. School received, Library books, classroom approved reading books encyuclopedias and school suppies. The day care received children reading books, crayons, puzzles, stuffed animals and small toys.
  • Following the earthquake in January 2010 in Haiti. P&F of G. immediately gathered food and medical supplies and did a fund raiser. (Soca for Haiti). The group continues to support the effort for family and friends of the Haitian community in the Tampa Bay area.